PBJ Token is not just meme, It’s a dancing banana that loves Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

$PBJ – The Banana Meme Token that’s Making Crypto Fun!
> Audited & Secure Contract
> Locked Max Supply
> No Taxes
> No Mining or Minting
> Community Driven Tokenomics
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Please Verify and Use This Official PBJ Token Contract on BNB (BSC)

 0xff7cb0d2dedb704e4d3efd9482a810caa0d54b89 (Pancake V3)

How To Buy PBJ Token?

The PBJ Token has been gaining significant traction across multiple sites, establishing itself as a promising digital asset. With its strong performance and growing popularity, $PBJ has been attracting a diverse range of investors and enthusiasts alike. This remarkable growth demonstrates the market’s confidence in the potential and value of $PBJ. Whether you’re an experienced trader or a curious observer, we invite you to explore the exciting opportunities that $PBJ offers in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for the latest news and insights as $PBJ continues its impressive journey.

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What is PBJ Token?

Peanut Butter Jelly Time or PBJ Token is a meme-based cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the way people interact with memes. The token is built from the ground up with, no owed investors, no airdrops, no random token burns, and no taxes all on the BNB blockchain. This makes $PBJ a unique meme token and its liquidity and value is expected to increase over time. Have questions view our FAQ page for answers.


PBJ Token Structure

Token Soft Launch: June 1st 2023
Expanded goals after Launch: No, the BNB contract is locked.
  Initial Circulating Supply: 100,000,000,000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens are burned with no additional release оf tokens.
Exchanges: Pancakeswap (additional exchanges coming soon)
Official BNB Contract: 0xff7cb0d2dedb704e4d3efd9482a810caa0d54b89 (Bscscan)

Distribution of Tokens

Distributed to Community
Marketing & Dev
Creators & Owners

Official PBJ Budget Allocation (10% Holdings)

  • 27% Project Development

    Design, construct, map out new features and functionality for future meme functionality as the PBJ project grows.

  • 39% Marketing Operations

    Expenses for launches, drops, social media , SEO and website development, loyalty programs services providers. Its not cheap!

  • 12% Operations

    Overhead and operational costs, infrastructure, telecom, subscriptions, and cloud architecture.

  • 6% Legal Staff

    Legal reviews of partnerships, contracts, contracts, and the use of exchanges and the holdings within.

  • 16% Developer Staff

    Eth / Crypto, website, and future program launch developers.

PBJ Token Roadmap

May 2023
Initial Planning & Dev
July 2023
Expanding Across Community
Q3 2023
Meme Marketplace Goes Live
Expand across exchanges - grow as a meme & utility token
June 2023
Official Launch of Token (Surprise Exchange)
August 2023 Air Drop
Soft Launch - Meme Marketplace
Q4 2023
Continued Dev on Marketplace

Partner With the PBJ Token Team

The crypto market is changing, partner with us as we leap forward into web 3.0 and the future of blockchain technology and our strategy for a unique meme marketplace.

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PBJ Daily: Meme Token Market Update (5/16/23)

PBJ Daily: Meme Token Market Update (5/16/23)

PBJ Token Community

$PBJ BNB: 0xff7cb0d2dedb704e4d3efd9482a810caa0d54b89 (Pancake V3)